The Troupe


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“Playback for me has some challenges & great rewards. I have been a Playback troupe member for 2 years. I know I am steadily improving in my skills. My aim is to live a life of balance & grace.

I am not as anxious now about making mistakes or having nothing to add. I know that I can only do my best. I trust in the other members of our troupe. We have worked over months & years to create an intimate cohesive team. We train consistently & enthusiastically. I love our unofficial motto: “to make everyone look good.”

The rewards come on Performance nights: feeling the fear & anxiety & then the relief & joy, seeing the reaction of audience members when their moments & stories are replayed & mixing with them after the shows & getting their feedback.

I love the spontaneity, variety & wonder of a form of theatre where the audience is an integral part of the performance. I feel part of a community. I am discovering more of me.”

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I’d been going to Playback performances for years.  I marvelled at how the actors played back any story from the audience without conferring with each other.  No topic was exempt.  As an audience member I felt such delight in their offerings.  I began to think that I would love to be able to do what they do.  And then I’d put that idea back in my too hard basket. Now I’m part of the troupe and I find it’s as enchanting on the inside as it was all those years on the outside.  I’m still pinching myself that I’m part of it. 




Playback is different because there are no stars, careers or agents involved; it’s an ensemble effort. You get to know your fellow performers over weeks, months and often years. In my day job  there is a lot of ‘serious conversation’ and so I enjoy the opportunity to jump around and make silly noises at Playback. In fact if that is all we did I would still probably turn up to rehearsals. I love hearing stories about people’s lives; everyone has fascinating stories to tell. Playback is an opportunity to tell stories to a room full of attentive people without interruption, moderation or complaint – I don’t know anywhere else where that can happen.

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From my background in improv theatre, I love spontaneity and saying
yes to offers. Having trained in process orientated psychotherapy and
psychodrama I am fascinated with the many different roles us humans
come up with. As a community worker, I enjoy mixing with the community
and hearing their stories. Imagine my delight and gratitude to find Playback Theatre which fulfills all these aspects in one amazing
package. The training in the theatre company is so affirming,
encouraging and enjoyable that I have flowered in its rich soil. I can
be nervous when I go out there but with my enthusiasm for Playback and
knowing I have the support of my team members, I am soon flying and
loving it. I am so excited to have just become a member of the
Playback troupe . All I can say is yum, yum, yum!









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